Monday 4th July 2022
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Firmstart (Manchester) Ltd and partners at the Big Life Company are researching the current and future workspace needs of social enterprises in the Greater Manchester area.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance, which you can provide by completing the following questionnaire.

Please be careful as regards which answers you make since answer 'buttons' once clicked can be moved within a multiple choice question but not removed altogether. Please make sure to answer any questions marked with an * or you will be unable to proceed to the next question.

There is an opportunity at question 20 to expand on any of your previous answers or make additional comments.

To complete the survey Click Here

The information collected will be used as part of our report into the workspace needs of social enterprises, and information given may be shared with our partner organisations. If you object to this, do not complete this survey. If you require further information about the project, or the potential use of your information, please contact

If you need further information about the completion of the survey itself please contact


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