Monday 4th July 2022
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Many of the things we use can be re-used or recycled with relatively little effort

Start Recycling at Work You can’t afford not to! Waste disposal costs can be up to 5% of your company's annual turnover, so more and more businesses are finding it pays to look at sustainable ways of dealing with waste. Think about the type of waste you produce at work and then look at reducing it by reusing and recycling.

It needn't increase anyone's workload and there are many practical ways to minimise waste and reduce environmental impact. As our TV adverts show, the transformation that takes place when you recycle is quite amazing. For example

• in just seven days, your paper could come back as another newspaper.

• in just six weeks your metal can could be recycled and used as part of a fridge, a car, a plane… or simply another metal can!

• your glass bottles could be recycled into house insulation, and

• plastic bottles could be made into a cosy fleece jacket! The UK produces more than 434 million tonnes of waste every year. This rate of rubbish generation would fill the Albert Hall in London in less than 2 hours. (Source:Waste Online) Most gets dumped in landfill sites - but a lot could be recycled. And when the possibilities really are endless why throw it all away?!


EMERGE is a not-for-profit community business. We aim to reduce Manchester's environmental impact and improve social and economic conditions in Manchester and beyond. Website: Emerge Recycling Email: Emerge Recycling Tel: 0161-223-8200 Fax: 0161-231-2141

Recycle Now Help, Advice, and Recycling facts Website: Recycle Now

Reduce Our Rubbish Help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace Website: Reduce Our Rubbish

Oxfam - Turning Rubbish into Cash We can accept most of your unwanted goods and even some of your rubbish and turn them into vitally needed cash for our work with some of the world’s poorest people. Website: Oxfam

Help the Aged - Recycling Your discarded goods could help raise funds for to help older people. Clothes, CD's, Spectacles, Stamps, and more! Every year, over 28 million tonnes of rubbish is created by households in the UK. By recycling your unwanted goods with Help the Aged, you can help raise vital funds for our work with disadvantaged older people. Website: Help the Aged - Recycling



Computers and printer cartridges – Could be refurbished or have the parts recycled.

Oxfam - Computer Recycling Companies can help support Oxfam and solve potential electrical waste disposal problems by donating unwanted computer equipment. Website: Oxfam - Computer Recycling


Recycling At Planet Mobile UK Earn A little extra - If you recycle your mobile phone through Planet Mobile UK we will pay you the current worth of the phone and donate to cancer care or your chosen charity. If you have spare mobile phones, pagers or PDAs sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, you can recycle them here in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

Oxfam - Mobile Phones Mobile phones – Can be recycled to earn cash for charities: Oxfam can turn your unwanted mobile phones into cash. On average, each donated handset is worth £5 to Oxfam - but some are worth much more. Organising a collection at work is easy - all it takes is one person to send a group email, collect them up and package them off to Oxfam's freepost address. Website: Oxfam - Mobile Phones


About the Recycled Products Guide The Recycled Products Guide (RPG) is owned and administered by WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme). The aim of the Guide is to provide a national, comprehensive database of consumer products made from recycled materials and items that will help you to recycle more stuff, more often. Currently we have 418 companies listed. We do endeavour to ensure that the information held is as accurate as possible, but if you do become aware of an error please contact and we will correct it as soon as possible. Website: Recycled Products Guide.

Waste Connect - The UK Public Recycling Database Wasteconnect is a comprehensive reference for recycling points throughout the country. If you can’t find the information you need through our search facility then have a look at our fact sheets for a more detailed view on different materials. From CDs to Office Paper, from Composting to Ink Cartridges, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about recycling and more Website: Waste Connect.


SwapXchange The idea behind SwapXchange is to help you swap, exchange, find or give away ideas, goods or services that are no longer needed by you but that may be wanted by someone else. Website: SwapXchange

Read It Swap It The site was the first of its kind and remains the only book swap site that is completely free. It was invented two years ago by two young British entrepreneurs, Neil Ferguson and Andrew Bathgate, in the hope that it would encourage book swapping and giving in the UK. Despite incurring costs running the site, they do not charge members anything and now boast over 500 users. Website: Read It Swap It


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